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> How do I book?

You can contact Princessparty via E-mail, contact form, our "callback" button, WhatsApp or telephone (01575 889 1000). It is especially the weekends that Princessparties are in great demand / are booked. To ensure your most favourite princess will attend your party, we recommend booking as soon as possible. Of course, you can contact us for last-minute bookings as well.

To make an enquiry, please fill in the form that pops up after pressing the button “Booking”. You will receive an E-Mail with a full listing of all costs. Please confirm your party within 24 hours. After your confirmation, you will receive your invoice. The invoice is due 7 days after the invoice date. A booking fee (50,00 € per character) is included in the prize of your party package. The booking fee will not be refunded.

Last-Minute Bookings

For bookings made within 24 hours until start of the event, we charge 30,00 € total per character.

Cancellation and rearrangements

In case you have to rearrange the booked party, you can choose a new party date within 8 weeks. (expected to be available). The booking fee can be set off against the next booking. You can rearrange your party only one time. Please notice, that we will charge 25,00 € incl. VAT for this service. If you need to cancel your party by no later than 24 hours in advance,we will chargeback the total sum minus the booking fee. Cancellation ends after 24 hours before your party. In this case all payments will not be refunded. Please note our terms and conditions (AGB) for more details.

How far do you travel?

35km of travel costs are already included in the package. We charge 30 cent per kilometre plus VAT for any additional km. Starting point for km calculation is the location of the available performer. In case of long distances (depending on the booked package and the event location) we will charge 30,00 € total flat fee.We will drive 100 km max. from our location.

Is it possible to book Princessparties outdoors or at other locations?

Sure! Wherever you wish to celebrate, we love to share these special moments. Please ask the organiser of the venue in advance, whether our entertainment service is permitted. The party preparations should always include an indoor alternative in case of sudden rain or high wind. Please keep in mind, to have the location at a pleasant temperature, so that all of us, especially the children, can enjoy a wonderful Princessparty. Our performers do not wear foul weather gear and should have the opportunity to have a seat in a shaded place. Please notice, that we can not provide outdoor princessparties between September and May, as soon as the temperature falls under 22°C/72°F. If you cannot provide an alternative indoor location, we have to cancel the performance without a refund. What do you bring to the party?

Everything needed for a Princessparty we bring to your party location. Since all our party packages vary in their program, we bring different materials. We always have a coronet for the birthday child - which she can keep, of course! For background music we bring a portable sound system and the fairytale goes along with your chosen princess. If you have chosen a package that includes for example face painting for children or balloon figures, we bring all the material for those activities as well. Crafting material will be asked to provide by the client.

What can we do to have the party run smoothly?

There are a few things that actually can help. We suggest to provide small prizes for all the children as a reward for the party games and a souvenir. Please arrange the giveaway bags for the children yourself. Your little birthday princess can then hand over these bags as her first official act as a young royal. For the time of the party, please provide something to drink for our princess. (just water, no coffee or alcoholic drinks) Please try to assemble all the children before our performer arrives (approx. 30 min.), so that she can start to play and sing with them right away. If possible, please arrange the mealtimes before or after our visit. Please make room for all the children to dance and play. This might just as well take place in a different room (than the fairytale time). Please check for a socket within range of our portable sound system or an extension cable located in the room you like the party to take place. For outdoor parties please choose a dry and clean place that is sheltered from direct sunlight and rain. (You may spread out a blanket to protect the costumes.) If a box with fancy dresses is booked for the children, please have them wear clothes suitable for wearing the dresses over their own clothes (e.g. leggings or swimwear). If you have booked a package that includes face painting for children, please provide a table and two seats. We love pets! However, playing with the children in a non-animal environment works best. (Thank you for your understanding.)

And last but not least: prepare the camera for all the beautiful moments with your little princess!

Please notice, that children, who don`t want to attend the provided activities, will not get forced to join the party. The responsibility falls on parents to make sure, that their children attend and be around. Princess Party can not be held responsible for this kind of situation afterwards.

The contents of the party packages are not binding. If neccessary, the programm can be changed by the performer, as the situation demands, or in advance in consultation with the client. There are no refunds or discounts for cancelled or replaced activities within the total time of the booked party.

Can I give a tip?

Of course. All of our entertainers are well trained and experienced. They place a high value on making your party a succeeding event for your child. A tip is not included in the prince of the package. If you therefore wish to show your entertainer that you enjoyed their show, you are welcome to do so. A tip is not expected, but it will be gratefully received. As in restaurants, tips of 8-10% are customary.

Do you supervice children during the party?
No, The duty of supervision lies not with our entertainer, but with the customer. Our customers shall be informed that Princessparty has to be informed of children’s allergies to food or materials like for example make-up, nail polish or latex in advance. Princessparty is not liable for allergies or injuries that occur during the party.

Can I buy vouchers or win prizes?
Prizes and vouchers handed out by Princessparty cannot be paid in cash. You must follow the rules of the competition to get your win. Vouchers have to be redeemed within one year after the game ended. Vouchers are valid for 3 years, starting from the end of the year they were bought.

How can adults be involved during a party?
Parents are very welcome at Princessparties to assist a child in unpredictable situations. Our Performers are not supervisors for the children. The (obligatory) supervision must be fulfilled by the client. Please keep the sound level among the adults at a moderate level to ensure a Princessparty free of interference. Please note, that our performers are not responsible for hygienical needs of the children.

Do I always get what is presented in my party package?
The content of our packages is not presentable. If needed, we can change the programme, depending on your party location, wishes of the children or the client. We can not refund activities, which were not presented due to these reasons.

Can I book a party for a public holiday?
If you plan to have your party on a national holiday, we will charge an additional 30,00 € public holiday bonus incl. VAT.

Can I book a party in English?
If you want your party in english language, we charge 50,00 € for the whole partytime. If you want just a few parts in English, we will charge individually.

Do you have further questions? Please feel free to contact us!


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